Our Future Edinburgh brings together people and groups together to collaborate on practical actions toward a just and equitable climate & nature transition.

Our Values

Positive Action

Our focus is on positive messages – bringing people together to engage in positive actions. We are not a campaigning or protesting organisation.

We set ourselves goals and act on them decisively.

Fairness and Inclusion

Our Future Edinburgh is a welcoming and inclusive community of mutually respected civil society and community organisations, which will be shaped by all its members – where no single organisation has overall responsibility or is “in charge” – we are all in this equally.

We are working towards just and equitable solutions to the climate and nature emergencies: our actions contribute to the achievement of a more sustainable future that improves the wellbeing for all of Edinburgh’s residents and communities.

We are open minded and tolerant when working with communities and individuals; we help them engage proactively in the climate and nature emergencies.

We respect and cherish the uniqueness of every community.


We help each other and share knowledge to encourage cohesive and active partnerships among supporting organisations.

We provide high quality, consistent support across communities and promote open, informed and evidence based decision-making.

We ensure each member (organisation or individual) has a role to play and is being heard whether as a facilitator, expert/affiliate, community /expert. Everyone should be aware of their limitations/remit as well as potential contributions.

We will adapt and expand these principles together into a common charter.

Our Future Edinburgh | email: info@ourfutureedinburgh.org

Our Future Edinburgh is a registered Scottish Charity (SC051287)