“This Crisis Demands Action”
Saturday 12th November
12pm St Andrews Square

COP27 is taking place in Egypt in November against a backdrop of multiple related crises:

·       Increasing climate disasters across the world,

·       Repressive regimes (including in Egypt itself) silencing civil society resistance,

·       A ‘cost of living’ crisis where people are being forced to choose between heating and eating

·       A UK Government that is railroading through new fossil fuel projects.

Since COP26 in Glasgow we have seen a lack of action from governments at home and abroad. COP27 will not save us, it is our people-powered movements that will build the world we need – therefore we will come together in Edinburgh to make connections between our struggles and demand action.

We are organising a march in Edinburgh as part of the Global Day of Action on 12th Nov initiated by the Egyptian activists in the COP27 Coalition. This will bring together the need for action on the multiple crises we are facing. The route of the march has been chosen to go to specific locations that highlight different crises that demand action. These are:

·       St Andrews Square – Pay climate reparations/loss and damage

·       HSBC, Hanover St – Cancel debt to Global South countries

·       Barclays, Princes St – End fossil fuel finance

·       UK Government Office, Sibbald Place – No new fossil fuel projects

·       Scottish Parliament – Energy price crisis and cost of living crisis.

At each location groups working on the issues will be invited to create a static event, or demonstration for the march will engage with as it passes. For example, trade unions may want to highlight pay cuts at the Scottish Parliament.

If you or your organisation is happy to support and publicise the demonstration, then please email:

Please also email us if your organisation would be interested in organising an event at any of the locations.

Please get in touch if we can help in any way

Luke Henderson
Edinburgh Climate Coalition

Next organising meeting:
Wednesday 19th Oct, 3rd floor Thorn House, 5 Rose St, Edinburgh EH2 2PRT.
Hybrid meeting also on zoom: