Edinburgh Communities Climate Action Forum

The Edinburgh Communities Climate Action Forum is a place for communities, groups and voluntary organisations to discuss the climate and nature emergency and specifically the transformation that needs to happen in Edinburgh and how we can play a part in delivering that change. 

This is a platform for community groups and voluntary organisations to come together and discuss shared actions, plan and initiate collaborations, exchange resources learning and skills, coordinate on shared funding bids, access materials and resources, as well as inform strategic decision making.

The forum is open to all community groups and voluntary organisations in Edinburgh and you are invited to join the Organising Group where your group can take part in leading on the activities of the forum.

Forum Facilitation & Support Group

To make sure the Climate Action Forum is engaging, helpful and well facilitated we have established a Climate Forum Facilitation and Support Group (FSG). The aim of the FSG is to maximise engagement of community groups and voluntary sector organisations and encourage exciting collaborations and activities to flourish within the Forum.

FSG Member Organisations (July 2022):

Bruntsfield Area Net Zero Action Initiative

Corstorphine Climate Action

EALA Impacts

Edinburgh Architectural Association


Our Future Edinburgh

Sniffer Scotland

The Cockburn Association

Transition Edinburgh

If your organisation is interested in being a member of the FSG, please get in touch with Charlie:  charlie.wright@evoc.org.uk

We at Our Future Edinburgh are delighted to be working in partnership with EVOC to develop a space for communities and residents to actively engage in climate discussions and offer residents practical support to take climate action. 

Sponsored by The City of Edinburgh Council, this new initiative will maintain an ongoing dialogue with citizens and communities about the transformation that needs to happen in the city and how we can collaborate to take decisions and deliver change together. 

The initiative will be looking to

1. Create an open-source platform for residents and communities in Edinburgh to access information, materials and resources

2. Create of an accessible citywide forum or similar space where local residents can connect with local and city level discussions about climate action.

3. Support networking and innovation between and amongst community groups/places wanting to progress local climate action

4. Connect with community climate action plans and local place plans as well as citywide climate and net zero initiatives.

Events & Workshops in 2021

During COP26 we facilitated 2 online workshops and 1 physical workshop in the Old Fire Station on Lauriston Place. The workshops attracted over 50 participants from communities and local organisations across the city. Both workshops explored what participants felt was needed and what was desired from the new space for climate engagement.

The first workshop looked at positive community outcomes of the past year, reviewed what kinds of spaces participants had seen and liked, and what elements participants felt were important for engaging communities with the climate emergency.

The second in-person workshop focussed on what climate engagement might look like in the future and asked participants to imagine the engagement space in depth.

Past Events

Wednesday 3 & Thursday 4 November:   COP26 Edinburgh Climate Summit

Our Future Edinburgh | email: info@ourfutureedinburgh.org

Our Future Edinburgh is a registered Scottish Charity (SC051287)