The Community Learning Exchange is an opportunity for communities to learn through the exchange of ideas and the sharing of common solutions. The great value of networking with others is the opportunity to learn from what’s going on elsewhere. Community groups that are members of SCCAN have access to this fund.

The Exchange will fund proposals for planning and delivery for up to 13 hours at £35 per hour. The Exchange will fund up to 100% of the costs of a visit by members of one community to another community project up to a limit of £750 to include travel, accommodation and subsistence, preparation and delivery and follow up support time incurred by the host organisation. Virtual or in person visits may be initiated by a community group approaching another, requesting that they ‘host’ a virtual visit. Alternatively, a community group with knowledge and experience to share, might choose to promote a virtual or in person visit more widely. The follow-up support between organisations might be necessary as a result of a learning exchange.

SCCAN are looking for organisations to apply to grants who have knowledge / experience / expertise on the following themes:
-How to be more eco friendly as an organisation / have an effective environmental policy
-How to negotiate, influence and work alongside local businesses and other community organisations? Eg if a private business agrees to work alongside us, how do you write a written contract of the agreement, what are the legal ramifications for both sides if this is breached, etc.
-How to outreach to people outside the ‘climate bubble’?
-How to use social media effectively for the purpose of communication climate change and promoting activities / events.
-Any other theme you feel you have excelled at which other members could benefit from.

Applications can be made at any time for visits up until March 2023. Funding is however limited, and once all the available funding has been committed, no further applications will be accepted.

If you can help, please apply here.

If you would like to find out more, please get in touch with