Edinburgh Communities Climate Action Forum has been on an exciting journey since its launch earlier this year. Initially, the forum was perceived as a gathering space for community, voluntary and third sector organisations to unpack, discuss and find solutions to the city’s most pressing climate issues. The Forum’s overall objectives continue to focus on maximising community involvement and leadership in delivering Net Zero. Our approach to date has to been to learn by doing – by testing things out and seeing how they work. However, it has become clear that if we try and tackle all the complexity of the climate crisis at once we won’t achieve the level of impact we need.

The recently formed Facilitation and Support Group (FSG) for the forum, made up of volunteers from organisations across the city, aims to explore three issues a year in-depth, working closely with organisations and community groups who have an interest and/or expertise in that subject area.

We believe that this in-depth approach, combined with a more open conversational approach to gatherings, will be an effective way for us to systematically address the complexity of the climate crisis.  It will also enable us to take action in a way that involves collective decision making, collaborative project development and information sharing that will result in events being organised that stimulate innovative responses to the challenges we face.

The cost of living crisis is a major source of anxiety for communities across Edinburgh. We have homes in every part of the city which are in a poor state of repair, constructed without adequate insulation and with inefficient heating systems. The FSG group has the task of connecting to and supporting the emergence of local civil society initiatives, movements and new groups that can help start the process of bringing homes across the City into the 21st century (we’re talking repair, retrofit and heating here!).

We need neighbourhoods to be ready, organised and in the know about what they can do in leading their own transformation. We have been achieving this through supporting exciting local events, involvement in community-led initiatives and finding funding to get collaborative activities started.

We are looking to connect with organisations and people who are interested in improving the energy efficiency of homes through community-powered projects and engagement.

Are you involved in any of the following?

•       community councils
•       homeowner/resident associations & neighbourhood/street groups
•       community retrofit/energy/repair organisations
•       environmental groups
•       organisations with experience of retrofit/reconstruction/refurbishment of buildings
•       community anchor organisations
•       development trust associations
•       existing local networks
•       housing associations/co-operatives

If you are, we’d love to hear from you!


Charlie Wright
Edinburgh Communities Climate Action Forum Coordinator