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2045: Hopes & Fears | Draft NPF4 Consultation Workshop

January 25, 2022 @ 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm


The draft National Planning Framework (NPF4) which sets out priorities and policies for the planning system and the vision for Scotland in 2045, is up for comment – the consultation closes on 31 March 2022.

The 4th National Planning Framework will influence everything: from what kind of housing and where it goes to transport developments and location of renewables.

The Scottish Government has drafted a plan, and they’re now consulting the public on what it says. Because it runs to 2045 there won’t be another chance to change things for a long time. You can find out more about this HERE.

Watch Planning Democracy’s 3-minute explainer HERE.

Why YOU should get involved!

This will directly affect your life now and in the future. Plenty of powerful groups with vested interests are working away to make sure the policies in the document benefit them rather than People and Planet: Help make sure that local communities’ needs get into the plan plus the essential steps to real zero carbon.

Tackling Climate Disruption must be woven into the plan because it says what kind of energy projects will be permitted and it affects airport expansion and local development priorities for living close to where we work and don’t have to travel long distances to work.

Want to protect wildlife and our beautiful landscapes? This plan includes policies on areas that get protected. For example one will guide decisions about a developer cutting down woodland to build houses, others are on renewable energy and wind turbines in sensitive areas.

We need more affordable homes – so the plan sets out how many houses can be built and where. It will also guide developers on how to build good quality houses.

Proposed Timetable:

  • 5.00pm Introductions and Welcome
  • 5.10pm Clare Symonds, Planning Democracy
  • 5.25pm Q&A on main themes
  • 5.30pm Intro to Breakout rooms by topic
  • 5.40pm Breakouts for detailed discussions
  • 6.10pm Plenary to capture the next steps to be taken
  • 6.25pm How you can make YOUR contribution
  • 6.30pm Close

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