On 1 September, Greenpeace UK dropped 18 limestone boulders onto the seabed off the coast of Cornwall in one of the UK’s Marine Protected Areas (MPA) to block destructive industrial fishing.

The action, the third of its kind by Greenpeace UK, took place days after UK leaders failed to help secure a Global Ocean Treaty at IGC5 in New York, threatening the Government’s aim to achieve at least 30% of ocean protection by 2030.

This boulder action now makes it impossible for bottom-towed fishing gear to be dragged along the seabed.

There is no real protection from destructive industrial fishing all across the South West Deeps (East) (more than 4,600km2) which is known to be one of the most heavily fished Marine Protected Areas in the UK.

Ocean protection is even more urgent now that our leaders have failed to help secure a Global Ocean Treaty. The new Prime Minister must protect local fishing communities and immediately ban industrial fishing in Marine Protected Areas by tweaking commercial fishing licenses. The Government already has the power to do this; all they need is the will to make it happen.

To continue raising awareness and vital funds for this campaign, the Greenpeace Edinburgh group has organised a fundraising event at The Wee Red Bar in Edinburgh on Thursday 22 September. Tickets cost from £7- £9 and all proceeds will go towards supporting this campaign activity.

Buy a ticket and come along, tell your friends, listen to some great live music, and help support our campaign to protect our oceans and ban industrial fishing, which is indiscriminately plundering our oceans and wildlife.