Interested in how community-led organisations can help establish a new funded body serving all of Edinburgh’s communities to tackle climate disruption and create a fairer, greener, low-carbon capital?

You are warmly invited to the first AGM of Our Future Edinburgh – the charity established by climate activists for all concerned to ensure climate justice in the city – tackling fuel poverty, inequality and raising awareness about real solutions.

AGM 7.00pm – 8.00pm Wednesday 30 November online.

Proposed Timetable:

7.00pm –  Welcome and introductions – Mike Wignall, convener
7.10pm –  The challenges: Video link to David Attenborough
7.20pm –  Achievements since incorporation as a charity – Mike Wignall
7.35pm –  Outlining the way ahead – How you can get involved
7.40pm  – Nominations for trustee positions/founders stand down
7.45pm –  Elections for the role of trustee
7.50pm  – Thanks and celebration
7.55pm  – Feedback and next steps

OFE Constitution as a SCIO:


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image by Adam Wilson on Unsplash