Extreme weather events on every continent are causing mass devastation, loss of life and livelihoods in communities everywhere. In just the last year ordinary people have had to contend with climate disasters, from famines in East Africa and unimaginable flooding in Pakistan to crop failures in Britain and heatwaves and fires across Europe and the United States. Across the world firefighters and emergency service workers are risking their lives tackling ever more climate emergency situations as the crisis gets worse each year.

The science is clear. To have any hope of a liveable planet and tackling the climate crisis, a crisis that disproportionately affects working class people and communities in the global South, we must dramatically and immediately reduce the use of fossil fuels. 

The UK Government’s recent decisions to end its moratorium on fracking, approve even more licences for North Sea oil and gas, deregulate development laws and end the protection of wildlife, forests and coastlines – are nothing short of criminal. Bailing out energy companies who are making billions in profits and giving tax cuts to those that earn over £150,000 won’t solve the crisis we are in – in fact it will only make it worse. 

This crisis demands action on a global scale. COP27 will take place in Egypt this year and we join with our brothers and sisters across the African climate justice movement to demand that world leaders deliver climate solutions that ensure everyone has the right to live with dignity. Communities in the global south need urgent climate finance and reparations for the loss and damage that they are suffering as a result of a crisis that they did not create.

This crisis demands action on a national level. We must dismantle the fossil fuel economy, begin a worker-led just transition and tackle the many injustices that millions of us are facing. Through collective action and building strong alliances we can stop an increasingly authoritarian government that is choosing fossil fuel profits over people and the planet. The energy sector needs to be brought under public ownership and transformed. Solutions that should have been implemented decades ago – like insulating homes and investing in renewable energy – must commence immediately. What remains of our wildlife, forests and coastlines must be defended at all costs. 

The crisis demands action in every community in Britain. Millions of us can’t afford to heat our homes and are skipping meals to try and make ends meet. We need to organise house by house, street by street and ensure that no one is cold or hungry this winter. We must not let those that choose this moment to increase division and side with the forces of reaction deepen injustice and weaken our movement.

The Climate Justice Coalition is calling for mass mobilisations across Britain on November 12 because this crisis demands action on a local, national and global level. Join your nearby local demonstration or organise one in your community.

Alone we are isolated, together we are unstoppable. 

To find out more about the Climate Justice Coalition (transitioning from the COP26 Coalition) or to find out where else in the country we are holding events go to our website



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